Creuse Gardien

Providing services such as landscaping, gardening, garden features ie. Construction in wood, renovation of wooden structures and environmental construction.

Creuse Earthworks

We cater to almost any groundwork services you may need, our list is endless . Good groundwork is preparation, wholly it's not just about site sanitising, as custodians, to identify and protect is a priority.

Creuse Arboriculture

Arboricultural services, tree maintenance, true environmentally driven woodland management that uses the coppice methodology allowing us to make safe, beautiful and provide fuel for heating.


Creuse Gardien

The steady growth experienced has in essence been powered by large ongoing projects that are both sustainable and consistent this artisan has flourished with confidence.

Our direction is defined by our clients”

This bold statement is simplistically clear, it is and we are straight talking!

Creuse Gardien will soon become one organisation with two divisions glued bound together!

Creuse Earthworks

Good groundwork about preparation - it is not just sited sanitizing - as custodians it is our priority to conserve and protect is a priority. Modern-day groundwork is achieved by using excavators, these multitasking machines make the work lighter and much quicker.

Our machine inventory includes,

Excavators that operate in three classes 16t, 3t and 1.5t, Tractors to help us in muck shifting and final presentation duties allowing us the project versatility to undertake the following are some obvious examples of our work experience.


Earthwork Services

View more to see the full list of Creuse Earthworks services on offer.


Creuse Arboriculture

Much of the local landscape, beautifully, includes pockets of woodland, many residents use wood as fuel for their heating, we offer a range of sympathetic Arboricultural services, with a very useful waste byproduct.

Good woodland management that uses the coppice methodology helps to ensure trees are almost consistently healthy, the regularity of tree pruning means there is less of a need to completely fell trees and common problems of overhanging branches no longer entwine with telephone lines.

Arboriculture Services

View more to see the full list of Creuse Arboriculture services on offer.

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